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Why Combine a Facelift With a Neck Lift? 

Posted April 30, 2024 in Facelift, Neck Lift

For those feeling self-conscious about signs of aging on their lower face and neck, a facelift and neck lift may just be the combination they are looking for. These two procedures rejuvenate the lower facial features and create a smooth, more defined neck and jawline. This blog discusses how signs of aging affect the face […]

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Should I Get Liposuction With My Tummy Tuck?

Posted March 13, 2024 in Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

If you want to remove excess stomach fat, you may consider getting a tummy tuck. Liposuction is commonly added to tummy tuck procedures to heighten and sculpt new abdominal contours. Here, we discuss what liposuction does, what a tummy tuck can achieve, and how the two procedures complement each other when combined.  Removing Stubborn Fat […]

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Are Your Eyes Showing Signs of Aging? Consider a Blepharoplasty

Posted March 11, 2024 in Blepharoplasty

The eyes are often one of the first areas on the face to show signs of aging. Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, tackles upper and lower eyelid laxity to improve the overall look of the eyelids. In this blog, we discuss how the eyes change with age, what blepharoplasty is, what eyelid surgery options you […]

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How Long Will My Tummy Tuck Last?

Posted February 06, 2024 in Tummy Tuck

For many people considering tummy tuck surgery, a frequently asked question is how long tummy tuck results last. This blog discusses what everyone should know about the tummy tuck recovery process and what results they can expect after surgery. We also discuss the factors that contribute to long-lasting results, including eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, […]

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What Are My Tummy Tuck Options?

Posted December 18, 2023 in Tummy Tuck

Do you have unwanted fat and loose skin on your stomach? A tummy tuck can remove excess fat and skin in the abdominal area and leave you with incredibly transformative results.  Tummy Tuck Options There are a few types of tummy tucks, and you may not know which one will suit your needs based on […]

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How Does High-Definition Liposuction Differ from Traditional Liposuction?

Posted November 29, 2023 in Liposuction

Sometimes, despite our best efforts of dieting and exercising, stubborn pockets of fat remain on the body. How our bodies carry and retain fat can change as we age, making this even more difficult.  Liposuction has remained one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for contouring the body by removing localized pockets of fat. Through […]

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