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Why Combine a Facelift With a Neck Lift? 

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April 30, 2024 | 4 minute read

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For those feeling self-conscious about signs of aging on their lower face and neck, a facelift and neck lift may just be the combination they are looking for. These two procedures rejuvenate the lower facial features and create a smooth, more defined neck and jawline. This blog discusses how signs of aging affect the face and neck, the benefits of combining facial rejuvenation procedures, and who can be a good candidate for these procedures. 

4 Min Read:

Signs of Aging

You want your face to exude the vibrancy and verve you feel inside, but that may not happen. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity, causing it to sag and droop. Additionally, wrinkles form, stubborn fat deposits develop, and youthful contours are lost. These are all natural and inevitable signs of aging. However, many people dislike seeing these lines appear on their faces over time, as they make people appear exhausted and angry. Aging signs can be especially frustrating on the face and neck, as these are visible areas that are difficult to hide. 

If you’re bothered by seeing signs of aging on your lower face and neck, a facelift with a neck lift can help address these concerns and restore your confidence. This combination of procedures rejuvenates the lower face and neck by removing excess skin and fat, tightening the remaining skin, and creating youthful facial contours. 

Why Combine Facial Rejuvenation Procedures? 

Some people are hesitant to undergo a surgical cosmetic procedure and may find having two procedures simultaneously daunting. While surgery can be nerve-wracking, it’s essential to note that combining a facelift with a neck lift is not only safe but also has lots of benefits. 

The face and neck are in close proximity, and if you have wrinkles and sagging skin on one, you’re likely to have it on the other. If you only get a facelift, the wrinkles and sagging skin on your neck will likely be emphasized, and vice versa. Combining a facelift with a neck lift allows for total lower facial rejuvenation, giving you balanced and natural-looking results. 

Additionally, having two procedures done at the same time allows for only one recovery period. You’ll only need to take time off work and other daily responsibilities for one period of time, as opposed to multiple recovery periods for separate procedures. You’ll only need to pay additional fees—such as anesthesia fees, surgical facility costs, pain medications for recovery, etc.—once. 

What Can a Facelift With a Neck Lift Achieve? 

A lower facelift with a neck lift addresses signs of aging in the lower two-thirds of the face (from the ears down) and the neck. Common aging signs in these areas that this combination of procedures can improve include: 

  • Wrinkles and creases 
  • Jowls (excess fat and skin on the jawline)
  • A turkey neck (loose, wrinkled skin hanging from the neck) 
  • Stubborn fat deposits under the chin, creating a double chin 
  • Muscle banding in the neck 

Dr. Tolomeo is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon highly experienced in facial surgeries. He customizes the lower face and neck lift procedure to cater to patients’ needs for high-quality and personalized rejuvenation results. 

Who Can Benefit From a Facelift With a Neck Lift? 

Adults with visible aging signs in the lower face and neck may be good candidates for a facelift with a neck lift. Candidates should also be in good overall health and not smoke. 

If hanging skin obstructs your neck and jawline, this combination of procedures can trim excess skin and tighten the remaining skin and muscles for a more youthful look. Deep wrinkles and folds in the face can be reduced, and fat can be redistributed and shaped to create youthful facial contours. 

For people struggling with these aging signs, you don’t have to sit back and let them happen. A facelift and a neck lift can restore a youthful appearance and make you feel confident in your skin again. 

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