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Brazilian Butt Lift in Fall River, MA

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Achieving the perfect physique is important for many people. For many women, the ideal body contour includes full, rounded, and lifted buttocks. If you feel your buttocks are too small for your body frame and want to balance out your figure, the Brazilian Butt Lift may be the ideal procedure for you.

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What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) utilizes fat transfer to augment the butt. Unlike traditional butt lifts, which involve removing excess skin to create a lifted appearance, and butt implant procedures, which insert a silicone implant into each butt cheek, a BBL uses your own fat deposits to create a fuller, more voluptuous backside.

This procedure can dramatically improve your overall appearance by eliminating surplus fat from the waist, flanks, abdomen, and thighs.

What Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Accomplish?

Women choose Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to achieve the following:

  • A more voluminous backside
  • Smooth, natural-looking contours
  • Flawless, bump-free appearance
  • Reduction of fat from the abdomen and waist
  • An hourglass silhouette

Am I a Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is ideal for individuals who’ve lost their desirable curves due to aging, significant weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or genetic factors.

Ideal candidates:

  • Should be in good overall health
  • Have no medical conditions that could increase the risk of complications
  • Should be at a healthy and stable weight
  • Should not smoke
  • Must have adequate excess fat in their body to take
  • Have realistic expectations of the procedure’s results

If you’re considering a BBL, schedule a consultation with an experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate your concerns and recommend the best approach for achieving your aesthetic goals. Before committing to treatment, ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your surgeon’s care.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Tolomeo for My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive training and experience in performing this procedure. He delivers exceptional and natural-looking results for his patients through his surgical expertise, artistic flair, and extensive medical knowledge.

More than anything, he strives to establish open lines of communication with every patient, which goes a long way in delivering top-quality care. His approach is focused on enhancing your natural features and proportions to create a more balanced look.

How Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

During your private consultation, Dr. Tolomeo will conduct a thorough physical examination to assess your body composition and determine what results can be realistically achieved. This is a great time to share your hopes and concerns and ask any questions that come to mind.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is often performed under general anesthesia.


Fat is extracted from the donor areas with liposuction. Most often, Lipo 360 is performed to remove fat deposits from the circumference of your waist. Fat can also be taken from your thighs or any other area of the body with excess fat if necessary.

Fat Purification

Once the desired amount of fat is retrieved, it’s processed to remove impurities and ensure high-quality fat for transfer.

Fat Injection

The prepared fat is then injected into various areas of the buttock (in the subcutaneous space above the muscle) with high precision to deliver a successful procedure outcome.

Not all of the transferred fat cells will survive. Patients are expected to lose 25 to 30% of the fat cells after a BBL. Because of this, Dr. Tolomeo will initially inject a larger amount of fat than desired.

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Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Be Combined With Other Cosmetic Surgeries?

Lipo 360 is a necessary aspect of a Brazilian Butt Lift. Other cosmetic procedures, like tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation, are not performed simultaneously due to their contradictory recovery requirements; however, many women choose to undergo body and breast contouring surgeries three to four months after their BBL.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Like?

Following the procedure, you’ll wear specialized compression garments around the liposuction sites that provide gentle support. Bruising, swelling, and general discomfort are expected around your buttocks and liposuction sites. Prescribed or over-the-counter medication can be taken to increase your comfort level.

After a BBL, patients need roughly two weeks of downtime and limited physical activity. You won’t be able to sit or lie down on your back for several weeks or until Dr. Tolomeo clears you to do so. This gives the new fat cells time to settle and integrate with the surrounding tissues. This increases fat cellsโ€™ chance of survival.

Patients should follow Dr. Tolomeo’s detailed instructions and attend all follow-up visits so we can monitor progress and reduce any risk of complications.

What Results Can I Expect From Brazilian Butt Lift?

Following your BBL, most of the fat remaining six months post-surgery will likely last. Patients enjoy a fuller, rounder backside as well as improved body shape and proportions. Besides the life-changing physical changes, many patients report a newfound confidence that positively affects other aspects of their lives.

While your Brazilian Butt Lift results can last for decades, significant weight changes can diminish the effects. For this reason, patients are encouraged to maintain a stable weight to preserve their BBL.

Interested in Brazilian Butt Lift in Fall River, MA?

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift in Massachusetts, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tolomeo.

We take a highly individualized approach to Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, helping you address your specific concerns to achieve your desired silhouette.

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